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10 Minute Yoga For Beginners - Stretch

Yoga: Relax and Release

Yoga is a vehicle for any person to radically transform their lives. In order to relax, we must step away from life and turn inward to take care of our inner-self. We must learn how to sit still and breathe. We must pay homage to ourselves, our lives and our body. In order to do that, we must carve out time in our busy schedules to create a more serene, intelligent way of living.

Yoga Sutra 1:2 states that:

“Yoga is the restriction of the fluctuations of consciousness.’

Yogas citta vrtti nirodhah

10 Minute Beginner Yoga - Gentle Stretch Yoga
Practice a gentle stretch YogaSkip video with Machel (Ma-shel). Click image to watch video.

Additionally, yoga helps our mind become quiet by bringing our focus inward. When we begin to concentrate on our breath and our being, we begin to let go of more chaotic thoughts that can ruminate in our mind; some call this monkey chatter.’ Think of a monkey swinging from tree to tree and in constant motion. Our mind can be in constant motion, which can drain our soul from finding peace. Yoga brings us into the present moment by pulling us out of our stream of thoughts and placing us directly inside our bodies. Think about that for a moment.

How do we build mind/body awareness if it doesn’t make sense to us? It’s hard to understand the power of moving the body and breathing deeper has the power to heal our lives. However, first, we must make time for our health. We must show up on our yoga mats to begin building a more thoughtful, mindful way of living. Try practicing yoga three times a week as a starting point. Create a small space in your home dedicated to reflecting peace and serenity. What would that look like?

Here is a list to inspire you to create your Release and Relax Time.

A yoga mat.

Candles or a small picture that brings you joy.

A couple of fluffy pillows that are your favorite color.

A tapestry that you hang on the wall.

A couple of books that inspire your soul.

A journal and pen nearby to write for reflection.

I have had a retreat space since 2015. Creating this space has given me an incentive to relax and release more. Building healthier daily habits is the key to finding more serenity. When we quiet our minds, we discover new aspects of our personality, wants and needs. Without taking time to turn of the monkey chatter, we may never uncover some of our true heart’s desires. T.K.V. Desikachar stated:

“It is indeed true that by practicing yoga we gradually improve our ability to concentrate and to be independent. We improve our health, our relationships, and everything we do.”

When we become better aware of our body, we begin to find inspiration to live better. Finding inner peace each day may be the most important MOMENT of our day. Our wellbeing impacts all aspects of our lives, relationships–everything. Please try a few yoga gentle stretch videos here on YOGASKIP. Create that sacred space for Relax and Release time for your soul. Learn to love taking care of your body more and watch your world change.

Thank you for stopping by YogaSkip. I wish you well today.

Machel Shull (Ma-shel)

*What are Yoga Sutras? Click Here to find out more.

E-RYT 200/500 Hour Certified Yoga Alliance Teacher & Wellness Author

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