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Yoga Mantra

“Clear your mind, open your heart.” – Mantra for April at YogaSkip

This month I hope you join me at YogaSkip in adding this simple mantra to memorize and repeat daily to ourselves to help cultivate a sense of calmness and peace each day. Mantras, just like an affirmation, repeated daily can help re-wire our thinking and establishing an anchor for our thoughts for that day.

Machel Shull – 500 Hour Registered Yoga Alliance Teacher & Bestselling Author of Middle Age Beauty

This simple saying – “Clear your mind and open your heart,” is inspiring by speaking visual words to our soul that our imagination can simply visualize:

Clear – like clearing space in a field, a closet, making room for something new in our lives.

Open – open a door, open a window or the shades…gives us a mental picture of creating an entrance that unblocked with easy access.

Clear your mind – remove the monkey chatter that is repeating daily. Insert this phrase to help break the thoughts and give the mind an anchor.

Open your heart reminds us to be kind, soft and approachable throughout our day.

“Clear Your Mind, Open Your Heart.”
Yoga Mantra for April at YogaSkip

Try experimenting with this mantra. Weave it in and out of your thoughts each day. Examine the shift or what you experience. Observe if taking time to insert these words helps you find more peace by taking this simple action.

I learned this method first from Dr. Norman Vincent Peale. I read several of his books in the early nineties. I practice his suggestions and had great success in uplifting my wellbeing and finding more joy each day by taking action with powerful words. He had a simple phrase that resonated with me:




When we practice a mantra, we are sending that signal to our soul that we indeed count, we are important and so is our inner wellbeing.

“Clear your mind. Open your heart.”

Machel (Ma-shel)

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