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Yoga for Weight Loss Series

Hi everyone, it’s Machel (Ma-shel) here! I’m excited to share with you this 17 minute yoga free video for our Weight Loss Series in the Month of May. This is designed for anyone who wants a quick and effective workout that makes your body feel great! Practicing yoga daily helps improve your wellbeing from the inside out; including improving our mental clarity and enhancing our mood for the day. Feel brighter, more alive and ready to experience a better day by weaving in this 17 minute yoga video to help boost the metabolism, build heat and promote energy!

Yoga for Weight Loss Series with 500 hour Certified Yoga Alliance Teacher Machel (Ma-shel) Shull -YogaSkip co-creator with husband Robin Shull. Follow us on Instagram. We would love to connect with you there, too.

In this yoga video, we begin with some centered breathing in easy pose or lotus pose, depending on your own personal yoga style and practice. Open the heart-space by opening the shoulders, with soft release as we lift our ribcage, engage the navel to spine and breathe in and out through the nose for the victorious breath. Next we do some limb stretching, cat/cow, bird dog with, with knee to nose dips, to downward dog position. Space the fingers wide, stretch the arms in an upward motion through shoulders as wrist and shoulders align. Let the back muscles be soft. Draw the navel to the spine on the lower part of the abdomen to help lift hips higher to the sky. Breathe a few breaths here with me. Let the neck be soft and the crown of the head read toward the mat without straining the neck. Next we walk up to our hands, in small steps with a generous bend in the knees. Lengthen the spin, by lifting the torso upward; hands can be touching mat or the shins, right beneath the knees. As we forward fold our torso closer to our legs, it’s fine to have a generous bend in our knees as we are still warming-up our muscles. Let the arms dangle softly or reach for the elbows and sway slowly, side to side.

Imagine any tension or stress melting over the shoulders and into the earth as we release any unwanted anxiety. Release the elbows and begin to roll the spine into standing position, very slowly as the arms dangle lightly toward our mats and our spine feels almost as if it is rolling up one vertebrae at time. Next we take some light shoulder rolls and then find our alignment in Mountain Pose – Tadasana – and find the centered victorious breathing as the crown of our head reaches for the sky. Option to close the eyes or find a soft gaze at the tip of the nose. Next we find out classic sun salutations with three intervals – six on each side – beginning with first classic sun salutation with the knee down on mat in the low lunge – anjaneyasana – option to take cobra and then downward dog next. We repeat a low lunge on the other leg and then step forward to front foot and forward fold – uttanasana – on the exhale. *Option to leave knees down in the low lunges or lift knees. *Option to do Cobra or Upward dog.

YogaSkip Presents Yoga For Weight Loss Series
YogaSkip Presents Yoga For Weight Loss Series -17 Minute Yoga Video-Click Photo to access Yoga Video Now.

Great news! Our body stretches during these low lunges, while toning the thighs, arms and chest.

Next we move into two sun salutation B’s, moving steady, with each inhale/exhale with the final downward dog, five breaths.

Classic Sun Salutations have 12 yoga postures.

Did you know Sun Salutation B – Surya Namaskar B – has 19 yoga poses?

We finish standing on our mats by taking two center breaths with our hand at our heart, taking a moment to sink in and find gratitude for our yoga practice and ourselves. Make sure to celebrate the mini victories in life. Give yourself a pat on the back for making time for you, breathing deep and lifting your health vibration by practicing yoga today. If you have just begun your yoga journey and seven days a week seems too much, begin with three days a week, fifteen to twenty minutes a day. Check out the beginner series on the channel to begin your journey.

If you are intermediate or experienced, try the power yoga, morning yoga, weight loss series for 2020 for a more intense flow/challenge. Thank you for subscribing to the this yoga channel. I teach yoga eight times a week in San Diego County. Sometimes much more when I also help with subbing for the yoga studio and the Fitness Gym where I teach yoga weekly.

I am a 500 RYT with Yoga Alliance. I weave in a touch of self-care, attention to breath in each yoga video. Thank you for practicing with me in spirit here at YogaSkip’s YouTube Channel. Check out our for bi-weekly yoga blogs on health, wellness and yoga and discover more yoga videos there, too. Namaste, Machel Shull (Ma-shel)

My coffee name is MIMI

P.S. This is our 35th Yoga video. We are celebrating our commitment to our health, our subscribers here, and the enthusiasm we are finding each week as we build upon our YogaSkip Journey with you. Happy Weekend to you all.

Robin and I are grateful for you.

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