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Yoga for Weight Loss, 10 Minute Power Yoga Video

Yoga for Weight Loss – 10 Minute Quick Yoga Flow

Weight Loss Yoga Quick Flow

YogaSkip presents a new 10 minute yoga video that will boost your energy and build some strength in our legs, arms and core. We begin with Warrior One, Virabhadrasana, heart openers/cactus arm poses, on each side, with option to skip the vinyasa flow if new to yoga; stay in downward dog. This quick yoga flow helps promote weight loss with arm strengthening, improve metabolism, and most of all, helping reduce stress. Yoga impacts our nervous system by flipping the switch from the sympathetic nervous system to the parasympathetic nervous system.

Get ready to flow with this heart opening beginning Vinyasa style quick flow with some arm building strength in three-legged dog, holding for a few breaths and then alternating each leg. Next, we take our knee to nose, knee to elbow postures.

Yoga for Weight loss with a heart opening flow.

After some length of time balancing on our hands and building our arm strength we make our way back up to standing postures for Wide Legged forward bend, prasarita padottanasana variations, with option of scissor tripod headstand. Best to practice against a wall. And, if new to yoga or a beginner, skip this option. This pose helps calm our mind, giving us that lighter feeling and less stressed by calming the nervous system.

Take 10 minutes today to begin feeling more energized with that poised feeling that helps us meet the day with ease. This yoga video is an intermediate level. There is an option for an inversion/tripod headstand- Sirsasana B or Mukta Hasta Sirsasana, which is known to help stimulate our lymphatic system, boost our adrenal glands, and give us that new sense of awareness by changing our perspective—literally. (Do not do this pose if you are new to yoga or haven’t been practicing weekly. Safety first on our yoga mats.)

I would take some extra time stretching before this practicing this yoga video, especially if you have tight hip flexors, with breath-work in Hero pose – folding legs beneath you were feet are under the buttocks, while rooting your sit bones down and drawing your heart space upward. Low lunge would also be a good warm up if you have time.

Yoga for Weight Loss Series

This is our first video in 2021 for our weight loss series.We will have short and longer yoga flows later this month, that will involve a more rigorous flow, helping speed up our heart rate, giving our heart some love and boosting that metabolism, while calming our mind and making us feel more alive. How about that sentence to describe yoga, right?

Thanks for being here with me in spirit on your yoga mats. Thanks for subscribing to the YogaSkip YouTube channel and becoming part of the YogaSkip community online. My husband, Robin and I have enjoy creating these videos together and share our love of yoga with you right here at YogaSkip.



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