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Yoga for the Spine, Flexibility, Hips and Shoulders

Yoga for the Spine – Hips and Shoulders – Yoga for Strength Video

Yoga for the Spine, Hips and Shoulders 18 Minute Video

YogaSkip presents Yoga for the Spine, Hips and Shoulders 18 minute flow to help with build better muscle strength around our spine, with shoulder and hip love, too. This yoga video part of the Spring Forward (Yoga for a fresh start) for the month of March and get our bodies moving and more flexible. Shoulders and hips can feel tight and stiff. This yoga flow focuses on giving those areas of our body more love with deep breathing and stretching. We begin standing on our yoga mats with centered breath work, finding proper alignment in our posture, then some over arm lifting, sweeping the arms upward to begin this video. Next we take a couple of fun hip openers inhaling and exhaling as we bend our knees, sweep our arms down and up over our head, then right into Goddess pose with a heel to heel alignment on our mats. Next we move to the top of our mats to warm up our body a little more with a couple of half sun salutations and we synchronize our breathing with our postures. Move next into a variation of Downward dog where we bend our knees generously, and focus on drawing our navel to the spin as our lower lumbar are of our spine receives some attention. We find our child pose posture next, with our arms extended, relaxed; forehead to mat. Just breathe. Our breathing is steady, in and out through the nose for our Victorious Breath. We next find out Extended Forward Fold posture – five breaths; then bend the knees, plant the fee and lift the core for Reverse Tabletop. Keep your neck in alignment with your spine. Only if it feels safe, allow the neck to relax and open the front area of your neck. We repeat Extended Forward Fold – Paschimottanasana to Reverse Table Top again. Last we find ourselves either in Padmasana, Lotus Posture, or Easy Posture, Sukhasana- (sitting on our mats cross legged.) We take a few centered breaths with our hands resting on our knees. Next we bind our arms; then repeat each side. For Baddha Padmasana, reach for your feet to bind. Next, forward fold for Yoga Seal, lift torso back up over the hips, slowly release bind and extend legs wide and lift from the core as we open the hips for a few breaths. We repeat locked lotus one more time or Sukhasana variation with binding by reaching for forearms behind our back. We end with centered breathwork and say Namaste, together in spirit. Let me know if you have any questions! Thanks for taking time to subscribe to YogaSkip. I am grateful we are here together. I hope you are well. Namaste, Machel (Ma-shel)

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