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10 Minute Heart Opening Yoga Flow

Yoga for Beginners – Heart Opening Video 10 Minute Flow

This is a quick 10 minute video yoga flow with heart openers for beginners.

This is Machel with YogaSkip YouTube Channel. We are at the park again with my red Doberman Fortune, ready to open our hearts in this quick 10 minute flow. Meet my red Doberman in our opening for the “Month of Love 10 Minute Yoga Flows.” I am featuring this love bug because he is my heart opener always, each day, helping me to find more love for life. Developing an easy yoga practice for beginning with three days a week for 10 minutes those three days is an excellent way to begin weave practicing yoga weekly and building on that as a foundation. Take nice deep inhales and exhales through the nose for our victorious breath, relax those face muscles and begin with a forward bend, with muscle release in upper back muscles and neck muscles. Allow the neck to be long as the crown of the head stretches down toward the mat. We begin to flow through a downward dog, deep squat from down dog to low lunges (knee is up up, can modify with knee down; if knees are sensitive, place blanket under mat or double fold) to high crescent lunges -ashta chandrasana -with heart openers on each side. We then take some light stretches bending the knees on one side (looks similar to warrior 2 but shifting hips back and forth on one side of the body, standing). – Utthita trikonasana Yoga Pose is next on each side with a nice hop opener as we reverse our triangle on each side. We finish standing on the mat in Mountain posture with hands to heart to finish, simple breathwork. Thanks for stopping by YogaSkip. Subscribe to the channel, share with a family or friend and let me know what you are looking for you. I am grateful to be here with you in spirit. Namaste, Machel (Ma-shel)

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