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Yoga for Beginners, Gentle Yoga Stretch 10 Minute Video

Yoga for Beginners – Gentle Yoga Stretch – 10 Minute Yoga Video

Yoga for Beginners – Easy standing yoga stretch YogaSkip.

Try this Quick Gentle Yoga Stretch for Beginners with YogaSkip! Take 10 minutes of your day to stretch that body, breathe deep and find that peace of mind within. This yoga video kicks off The Summer Love Series focus on practicing yoga, connecting to self, while building mind/body awareness. Today we are outside in Sunny SoCal with a view of Lake Hodges Dam. Yoga helps us feel more flexible and happier each day. The more we practice on our yoga mats, the better we feel inside and out. This Gentle Yoga Stretch will begin with two centered breaths, with limb stretching and heart openers. Soften those face muscles and relax. Find the center of gravity and balance through the soles of our feet and make sure to push the toes into the yoga mat to help keep that balance through each pose.

Practice inhaling and exhaling through each pose and keep that body awareness as you breathe. Notice any sensations or fluctuations of the mind that you might be experiencing through each pose. Stay focused on breath and each yoga pose and release any thoughts that might be bothering you, while we practice yoga together. Identify any pain that you want to let go of as you practice this 10 minute, easy standing gentle stretch to start your day. Imagine it dissolving with each deep inhale and exhale. Taking time to notice the subtleties of our body and how it’s feeling is part of yoga and finding that calm center within, that’s always there, when we take time to breathe and stretch. Build more body awareness. Breathe deeper. Feel better by taking just 10 minutes just for you.

This Summer Love Series will help anyone find a little more time for themselves, cultivate self-love by practicing yoga on our mats and flooding our body with lots of oxygen, giving us that refreshed feeling full of self-love. I am grateful you are here with us on the yoga mat! Please subscribe to the channel! If you love this yoga channel, tell a friend. We are a married couple in San Diego that just happens to be enthusiastic about health, yoga and creating yoga videos that inspire relaxation, health and connecting to our inner wellbeing.

YogaSkip launches Summer Love Yoga Series 2021, with 500 RYT -Machel Shull (Ma-shel). Breathe deep and cultivate more self-love with me this summer as we practice yoga on our mats. Get ready to take the inward journey to YOU.

How good does it feel when we step off the conveyor belt of life and find some time for our health and happiness? Namaste, Machel Shull

500 RYT Yoga Teacher

I teach weekly yoga classes in San Diego County, CA USA and online here, at YogaSkip. I am grateful to be here with you in spirit.

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