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Vinyasa Yoga for Beginners

Yoga for Beginners – 15 Minute Vinyasa Flow Yoga Video

Yoga for Beginners – 15 Minute Yoga Video Vinyasa Flow

Hi it’s Machel! Join me for this quick, under 15 Minute Vinyasa Yoga flow for beginners! This flow promotes heat and energy within the body, for increased strength and flexibility. Vinyasa yoga is so much fun and is a great way to awaken and energize your body in less than 15 minutes. It’s a beautiful day in sunny San Diego overlooking the Lake Hodges Dam, and we’re on the mat feeling great so get ready to get energized with me and do some Vinyasa yoga. Feel more energized with this easy yoga flow. In this short vinyasa yoga video we build our strength, balance and flexibility in our bodies. This yoga flow also helps build strength in the upper body; especially the arms and wrists. We begin seated on our mats with a couple of deep, centering breaths – in and out through our nose – arm stretches and gentle spinal twist. Next we move to our table top position and find the correct alignment for our cat/cow stretches, which give our spine some much needed love. Then we lift our hips, stretching them back, taking a nice bend in our knees as we draw our navel to the spine and spread our lower (lumbar region) back for a couple of breaths. As we align our downward dog next, feel free to lift those heels and come up onto the balls of the feet and move those hips, and an opportunity to stretch out the calf muscles. We flow down with steadiness and ease into a plank, lowering to a push-up and rolling forward over our toes, lift that chest and extend those arms long and strong as we open our hearts in upward dog position. Get ready for some more spine love as we roll into a high plank. Then we gently flow with knee to nose, knee to elbow each side and then extend back up into three legged dog. We take another couple of spinal rolls from downward dog to plank and alternate knee to nose/elbow to other leg. When we finish we make our way back up to our mountain pose, finding our footing and finding our inner warrior within as we open to Warrior Two yoga pose, reverse warrior then repeat other on other side of our body. We then find some leg strength in a deep squat – chair pose – Utkatasana for a few breaths, then finish with wide-legs stretched out forward-fold pose- Prasarita Padottanasana. We then take a nice gentle revolved spinal twist and reach our hands up to the sky on each side. As we end this vinyasa yoga video for beginners or anyone, we do some more limb stretching, lifting our arms up and bringing our palms together then finally ending with a couple of centered breaths, setting our intention for the rest of the day or evening. Thank you for subscribing to Gentle Yoga TV and mentioning to a friend if you enjoyed this video. We are excited to continue bringing you one new free yoga video every week with lots of fresh breathing, stretching and movement on our yoga mats for 2021. Commit to health and commit to You. Let’s lift our health vibration together this year. I am grateful for you. Namaste, Machel (Ma-shel) or Mimi is my coffee nickname.

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