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Here we are at Yogaskip. This exciting to be writing here to you right now for two reasons:

One year ago, today, was the official two month quarantine in the USA. The chain of events

that followed lead to inspiring us (my husband, Robin and myself) to launch our very first YouTube

YogaSkip -Machel Shull 500 Hour Yoga Teacher in San Diego County, CA.
Practice Yoga weekly with us.

channel together featuring yoga videos.

Second, it’s exciting to have a designated space to share daily love and passion for yoga.

YogaSkip is founded on two individuals that practice yoga and experience the benefits each day. I am also a 500 hour yoga instructor in San Diego County where I teach yoga daily, except for Saturday. For once my Saturday lines up with Saturday.

Robin and Machel Shull -YogaSkip Team

Practice yoga weekly with us. Our yoga videos consist of beginning to intermediate yoga flows from 10 to 30 minutes that bring awareness to:

  • Breath
  • Body alignment/ posture
  • Being gentle with our movements
  • Creating awareness to importance of self-care and self-love
  • Building reverence in practice and self
  • Also, it’s okay to have a little fun on our mats, smile and find joy in life, too.

Robin and I enjoy figuring out each week where we will shoot the yoga video. We are always scouting out a new space in the parks in San Diego County, which has been our great reprieve during Covid-19 Pandemic.

Practice Yoga weekly with YogaSkip.

Instead of flying south to the Maya Rivera, we drove to our local parks and special location nearby Lake Hodges, which is nestled between some hills and valleys. It makes for a beautiful space for us to practice yoga in spirit together on our yoga mats.

Please check out our monthly calendar to find our monthly yoga series for 2021. We look forward to writing here about yoga and wellness.

Subscribe to our YogaSkip channel and if you have any questions, hit the contact button down below.

Thanks for stopping by!


Machel (Ma-shel)

Monthly Series for yoga each month.
Practice yoga weekly with us.

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