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Power Yoga - 15 Minute Morning Yoga Vinyasa

Power Yoga – 15 Minute Morning Vinyasa Yoga Flow Video

YogaSkip presents a 15 Minute Yoga Power Morning Yoga Vinyasa flow: We begin standing on our mats to begin and start with a light forward fold stretch with option of taking a rad doll, to help destress our mind, relax our shoulders and let go. Remember to use your toes for balance, with a bend in our knees, cradling our abdomen to help stretch out our lumbar spine area, creating a little extra space with each breath. Then we transition into plank with option of chatarunga or downward dog, then to stretching out our hips in to low lunges (option to lower the knee), each side. Next take ourselves into warrior two, reversing our warrior; stretching out that hip as we reach up and take a lateral bend backward, helping release and open then hips. Next we take our extended side angle pose with option to take the bind behind hip; each side. We flow through a couple of knee to nose with three legged dogs with option to open the hips. As we finish, we end back up at the top of our mats together, then moving to the center of our yoga mats for Goddess Pose -Utkata Konasana; with options to lift heels of feet, lift arms to star pose in Goddess posture, then bring our hands to our Anjali Mudra – our prayer mudra. We end together by bring our feet together back to Tadasana, Mountain posture, hands at heart with a final centered breath. I hope this Power Yoga flow under fifteen minutes helps you feel more strength and balance and little more flexible all over for the yummy vinyasa yoga feeling. Thanks for stopping by if this is your first video with YogaSkip. We create weekly yoga videos usually about 20 minutes and under. Join our community that’s building each week and we are excited to be on this health and wellness journey with you. Namaste, Machel (Ma-shel)

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