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Mermaid Yoga, Learn Mermaid Yoga Pose

Mermaid Yoga Pose – Yoga Pose Tutorial Video with 15 Minute Flow

Learn Mermaid Yoga Pose, or Naginyasana by practicing this 15 Minute Yoga flow with Machel Shull. This quick yoga video tutorial also includes a warm up for hips, and Goddess pose, before we transition into Mermaid Yoga Pose.

We begin standing at the top of our mats taking two centered breaths together, before we begin. Next, we take just two half sun salutations to begin to warm up the body; arms are more like a swan dive to help open up the shoulders for later. Next we step into Goddess Pose, stretching and toning your entire lower body and thighs! We then take our downward dog position and extend our shoulders up as we draw our navel to spine, as the hips reach up and the weight of the body is shifted back over the heels of our feet (Bend knees and bring feet slightly closer together if feet do not reach the mat.) We warm up with low lunges and on each side with gentle shifting of the hips back and forth and alternate each leg. We open our hips and stack them in a three-legged dog, when we bend our knee and the foot reaches down behind us to reach toward the earth. Keep the arms in alignment with the shoulders. Next, we find our pigeon posture for that leg, with the option to reach for the back foot and stretch the foot toward the torso. Repeat the other side. We finally reach the tutorial portion of the yoga video with a ‘how-to-do-mermaid-pose’ cues for each step. Things to remember: Make sure hips are safe. Remember to square off hips forward after bringing the clasped hands over the head as we stretch the front part of our neck up with the chin lifted toward the sky. Repeat each side. We finish with two centered breaths, seated with hands at our heart space in prayer mudra, taking a couple of centered breaths as we say goodbye and Namaste. If you have any questions please let me know! I love hearing your comments and connecting with you here on YouTube. Thanks for subscribing to our channel and becoming part of the YogaSkip community. There is a 12 Month Calendar of what each Series is each month for 2021. This month is Yoga Poses month. Next is the Weight Loss Yoga Series, with summer coming up soon. I am so grateful we are here together in spirit. Namaste, Machel (Ma-shel)

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