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Yoga – “To join, unite.”
Skip – “To move or proceed with leaps and bounds or with a skip.”

-Merriam Dictionary

Do Yoga, skip the rest, that’s our motto here at YogaSkip. If this is your first time here, we are a new YouTube channel that began creating videos in 2020 during the Pandemic. Our goal: focus our energy for our love of yoga into something positive, lasting and meaningful.

It has been quite a little adventure for my husband and myself learning how to do YouTube together, from buying the camera, the microphone and to scouting our weekly locations to film the yoga videos.

Normally we try to visit Mexico once a year. In the year of 2020, we began to visit the park instead nearby at Alta Vista Gardens with a new spring in our step, as my heart especially felt like it was skipping each week to the park to film our new yoga video. We began branching out to new locations this year around San Diego County, especially nearby Lake Hodges.

I wanted to share the beginning with you of YogaSkip story. As an avid reader and writer, I realize how important the-beginning-of-something is and how that becomes the foundation for that story and what is next.

I could go into the health benefits of yoga. They are everywhere on the internet; from reverse aging, to flexibility, peace of mind, feeling more buoyant, to so many others.

However instead, I am going to share with you how yoga has led us to this website and why we launched it and what is the drive behind this YogaSkip YouTube Channel.

A couple of summers ago, I discovered Laruga, The Impossible, filmed by Allessandro Sigismondi an amazing yogi photographer.

At this time, I had been finishing up my 500-hour training in San Diego, CA. I was already teaching yoga a little each week. My original aspirations with yoga began more to keep my foot in the practice, teach each week and have yoga be more on the sidelines of my life as a measure to keep me healthy and active.

Then last year, to this very date, which feels like a synchronicity to be sure, the first lockdown quarantine began in U.S.A.

As this period went on, I began to practice my yoga every morning without fail, including my breathwork exercises. Once a week, I would film live for the yoga studio I had been teaching at for the local members of the studio or anyone online needing some yoga. After the next couple of months, it became clear that shutdowns of businesses would be continuing.

While all of these things were out of my control, I had learned first-hand from teaching yoga and practicing yoga with discipline that my time on my yoga at equaled a more peaceful, sane person as well as healthier person.

At the end of the summer of 2020, I began our channel originally titled- Gentle Yoga TV. In 2021, after filming 20 videos, we assessed the name, our goal and what our intentions were with our YouTube Channel.

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We bring weekly videos to your home with only one goal in mind: to help anyone breathe more, deeper and stretch their bodies to help improve overall sense of wellbeing.

If you are new to yoga and are curious about becoming a weekly yoga practitioner, try practicing three times a week on your mat to begin this new habit-forming journey to wellness. Once three times feels easy, build on that and try four to five days, then seven.

I have learned that three days, that magical number of three, adds room to look forward to this new adventure on the mat. This leaves room to contemplate and assess how yoga is impacting those three days of your life versus the other days you are skipping, while shaping your new practice of yoga at home.

I am not sure if this channel would have happened without the year of what we all experienced in 2020 in a Global Pandemic, where our lives were shifted around, our habits changed and where what was most important to each of us bubbled forth to the top.

We found our nightly yoga practice to be just one of those golden jewels that shined the brightest, inspiring us to create this YouTube channel.

If you are looking to create healthier choices for your wellbeing like breathing deeper, stretching our bodies and experiencing more inner peace, then I hope you stay with us here at YOGASKIP.

We are so grateful to be with you in spirit and are happy you stopped by our website. This is my first post. I couldn’t be more excited about writing about yoga, sharing some of my own personal experiences that have helped reshape my spirit from the inside out from practicing yoga and living a healthier weekly lifestyle.

Join us as we practice yoga weekly and skip the rest.




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