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Inner Peace Each Day

Inner Peace Each Day

What is that we seek the most in this life? If we contemplate that question,

the quick answer is inner peace.

With the recent turn of events, for example the Global Pandemic, how do we find that peace of mind when the exterior world is pulling us in all different directions?

Inner Peace each day begins with the Inward Journey.

Are we living a ‘Reactionary life,’ meaning we something, our mood is set off; someone says something, our feelings our hurt, or basically our thoughts are just bouncing around based on what we are exposed to each day?

Or could it be possible to cultivate exactly the life we have always hoped to live?

Ponder these questions for a moment. What are you doing with your day?

Take a moment to sit down and write out what your days look like and how you are spending your time:

  • What are your moods each day? Are you feeling angry, upset or feeling angst because of outward circumstances you cannot control? Are you feeling fear based on the news or what your friends have been sharing with you? How are you coping with stress?
  • What does your morning routine look like?
  • How much deep breathing are you doing daily?
  • Are you taking time to nourish your inner soul life, which helps organically create that positive sense of wellbeing?
  • Are you thankful or finding an open heart full of gratitude?
  • What words do you repeat out loud and to yourself the most?

-Begin to make an account of common words that fill your day. Whether we realize it or not, what we say and what we think begin to take on the lives we are living. Make an account of these words. I am doing the same. I have been making account of my happiest moments to what are my fearful moments. When we can identify what those words are, start to shift to words of beauty. Fill the day with words that bounce off our soul with joy, love, hope and let them spring forth to others. Let us find time to cultivate a better day each day so we can in turn share more love and light with others.

When we need inner peace, we often think, ‘Oh, if I could just take that vacation and sit on a beach…’

‘Oh if I could just get to the mountains, I will find that solitude I need.’

As all recently found out during 2020-and still continuing on in 2021, we don’t always get to have the options we want…so what then?

How do we cope?

From my heart to yours, let us take that inward journey to create that peaceful state of mind. Let us take time to cultivate smaller moments of joy right under our nose each day by finding inner hope NOW. Let us find that time to believe in the best possible version of ourselves even if we need a bit of work to get there.

What would it look like to be your best version of yourself? Do you have a mental picture of that?

Can you carve out exactly what that would look like in words on a notepad and paper? If so, do so now. Take time to write out in a notepad or journal what that best version of you looks like.

I am doing the same today. I am taking time to monitor my lessor thoughts, study them and let them go. I am taking time to write out what that best possible me could be. Why? If we take time to create the life we really want to live, those that we love benefit immensely. From our closest loved ones, to our friends and all of those we encounter, a more peaceful you or a more peace me our impact for any given day has become more powerful and peaceful.

Why is this important? Take a look at the mood of the world right now. Take a look at the trending stories on the new feeds to social sites and there is the answer for us. If we can continue to cultivate more peace within us, we can help spread that to those we reach.

Of course, we all have bad days. It’s not like there is pressure to find peace. However, I do know that if we don’t create inner peace, the chances are the life we are living will be one of more of a

‘reactionary life’ verses ‘heartfelt life.’

The Roadmap to Inner Peace

A man I admire and who also had much influence on my own personal road to finding inner peace was

Inner peace each day takes practice.

Dr. Norman Vincent Peale. Here are some words that he had shared that made sense to me:

“Believe you can, and you can. Belief is one of the most powerful of all problem dissolvers. When you believe that a difficulty can be overcome, you are more than halfway to victory over it already.”

Here are three tips that I hope help you find your own inner road to cultivating inner peace:

Create a 15-20 minute window of time beginning with three times a week to developing inner peace. Find a mantra or powerful words to help brighten your day and uplift your thoughts.

-Create a space to do this in and commit to these three days. Once this becomes easy add to 1 or two more days until it becomes a daily habit.

Hold yourself accountable to this new exciting journey of 15 to 20 minutes of cultivating inner peace. What would these 20 minutes look like for me? Here are my suggestions:

-Buy a yoga mat or use a towel. Begin simple stretching on the mat and breathing deep each day. Add a journal and pen to this time. Write things physically down. This helps our mind find that inner pull to our spirit and open that channel to understand ourselves better; create a thoughtful meditation time for self.

As I begin to wind down this latest write here at YogaSkip, it’s important to dwell on the inner life of our soul to help nourish and give ourselves daily love. I hope that you begin a weekly journey of going INWARD and turning away from the static, the noise, the weekly fear basing that is so prevalent and tune into YOU.

Practice yoga to help cultivate inner peace every day.

You deserve to be happy every day. Believe that you deserve the best possible life and reach for it. I have found that my yoga practice has helped me immensely in quieting my mind and finding inner peace, which allows that joy to come through next; also helping us have more compassion for others. Go lightly on you. If you don’t like some current circumstances just know with baby steps at any time we can change our course and find that life or that best version of ourselves that we have always wanted to be.

I am so grateful you have stopped by YogaSkip. Let’s continue to breathe deep, find peace of mind by building a bridge to that sacred space within that helps let go of our anxiety.




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