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Headstand Tutorial, Learn Yoga Poses

Headstand Yoga Pose Video – How to Do a Head Stand for Beginners

YogaSkip presents a Headstand Yoga Pose Tutorial – Learn Yoga Poses to kick of the month of April 2021 Yoga Pose Tutorial Series in under 10 minute yoga videos. Learn how to do a supported headstand at home by watching this yoga pose tutorial with a step by step process of how to lift up with two different options. Please practice against a wall for safety and make sure you neck is safely cradled in your hands as you balance your headstand more in your upper arm strength. Salamba Sirsasana I – Supported Headstand lends many benefits to our body, especially our heart, stimulates oxygenated blood flow to the our brain, improves memory, improves function of the central nervous system, and reduces the production of cortisol in the body; plus many other benefits. Feel lighter, brighter and more inspired by learning how to do a headstand. First and foremost, safety is always first. When you learn how to go upside down in a headstand and can do it with steadiness and ease, be ready to feel energized, lighter on your feet and feel refreshed by literally reversing our perspective when we turn upside down. B.K.S. Iyengar, one of the world’s most famous yoga teachers, “Regular practice of Sirsasana (a headstand) makes healthy pure blood flow through the brain cells. This rejuvenates them so that thinking power increases and thoughts become clearer.” I hope you take time to learn this powerful posture. Don’t give up. Take baby steps with safety precautions such as practicing against a wall, using pillows around the body and being careful and safe with the movement of how fast you ascend the legs upright over the head. Also, please make sure to do the opposite yoga pose after practice, which helps keep the body in better alignment and protecting our muscles for over developing from only practicing one type of pose. Balance is a must with headstands. Thanks for subscribing to YogaSkip! Please let me know if you have any questions and stay with us for this fabulous journey in health and wellness by practicing yoga each week. If you are new to yoga, try three times and build from that foundation. Namaste, Machel (Ma-shel)

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