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Finding Joy with Yoga

Why yoga? Why breathe deep? Why stretch that body? What’s up with all of those spaghetti type poses? Is there a point to that? Why twist our bodies into funny positions? Is it just to look cool?

Finding joy with yoga in Ashland, Virginia.
Yoga: Finding joy in Play Del Carmen practicing eight angle posture.

I am sure many of you might already know the answers to these questions. However, when you have never tried something before and it looks more like a woman or man in a space leotard about to land on Mars, you begin to wonder, what’s up with crazy poses?

What’s the reason? When our bodies can form these yoga poses (asanas/postures) accurately and correctly, it’s about the HEALTH BENEFITS, HEALING BENEFITS, we receive from practicing yoga, from the inside out.

One of my joys of teaching yoga, is seeing others make huge strides in their health and how they can move their body more freely and easily. I just had two individuals today share stories about how yoga revitalized their inner being and body.

Also, how one of the most beneficial had been how their positive change impacted the lives of their loved ones, too.

I am right there with these individuals. That’s why I am here right now typing away in the evening to you; because my life has had such a mental boost; it’s a feeling that doesn’t dissipate. You feel free of regular worries, more at ease on your feet and more apt to interact with other people, with a more open heart, while feeling at ease in yourself.

Finding joy with yoga at the park. One of our first yoga videos, “Wake Up Yoga – Energizing Flow.”

Breathe deep, stretch, pay attention to self, inner being with a loving heart allowing us to feel better about ourselves. Give yourself 15 minutes three times a week. Try the shorter videos here on YogaSkip and seek out a yoga community nearby where you live to experience the benefits of being in a full hour yoga class in person. Sample some different teachers and keep returning to your practice at home. Even if it’s only 15 minutes, three times a week, feeling more at peace with oneself brings that inner Joy like nothing else….unless you are watching FINDING JOY on AcornTV, which will, too.

Ultimately, the true secret is after the three days become not enough for yoga practice, you will soon be finding yourself effortlessly on your mat because you are finding joy in the discovery of YOU.


Machel (Ma-shel)

P.S. Click here to read about my life shifting experience I received from yoga.

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