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Easy Yoga – 5 Benefits of Practicing Easy Yoga

This marks my sixth year in teaching yoga since my certification in 500 yoga training from Mira Costa College in Cardiff

by the Sea, California. In looking back over the last six years of teaching yoga, I have learned firsthand the power of

easy yoga. I have had students in different age brackets make great strides in flexibility with their body, the mind and how they feel about themselves as well. When we conquer our body, we find that place within that may have remained untapped without practicing yoga. Yoga teaches us to come home to where we are and to be present and breathe.

There tends to be a stereotype about yoga that it’s an elite world and you must be flexible and wear expensive yoga clothes to fit in or begin practicing. Just like any profession, stereotypes are only partially true. I myself had resistance to

practicing easy yoga and teaching gentle stretch yoga at first. I wanted only to teach ‘power yoga or vinyasa flow yoga (which is a series of yoga poses connected by breath and the yoga pose in a fluid movement). Becoming a gentle yoga teacher radically changed the way I think about yoga and also had an enormous impact on my body. What are the immediate benefits of practicing easy yoga?

5 Benefits of Easy Yoga:

  • Flexibility- “If your spine is stiff at 30,” he once said, you are old. If it is flexible at 60, you are young.”Joseph Pilates How do you feel in the morning when you arise? Are you able to stand upright? Are you able to touch your toes? Can you bend forward? These questions are especially more important as we age. Keeping our spine flexible and healthy helps prevent injury and keeps us upright, which gives us more confidence and clarity. According to Harvard Health Publishing, “A stable spine is also more flexible, so it can support a full range of natural movements,” explains L’Italien. “And healthier movements reduce pressure on the low back and lower the risk of pain and injury.” Easy yoga is the perfect vehicle to help you keep our spine flexible and the body moving.
  • Improving your Mood– Each day the world presents itself to us brand new again. What lies outside that door may seem like we know what will happen, but in truth, life is a mystery. Practicing easy yoga helps us find the present moment, bringing us to realize exactly what we need; a little more self-care and love for just us. When we practice easy yoga, our body is gently moving. We are taking deeper, more intentional breaths. We are taking time to carve out that intention, that lends to feeling better and improving upon your overall sense of well-being. According to Regular yoga practice can lead to an increase in hormones thought to contribute to happiness mental well-being.”
  • Focus on the Power of Breathing– Breathing may be the most important limb out of the eight limbs of yoga. Of course we breathe naturally. But really, how deep are we breathing? Have you ever monitored your breath for one day? By nature human beings are shallow breathers, usually only breathing directly around the rib-cage.
    When we begin to practice easy yoga, we begin to learn how to monitor our breathing patterns, which will significantly improve our health. Flooding our blood cells with fresh oxygen with one deep breath is a skill that can be learned when practicing easy yoga. Most yoga teachers focus on the ‘inhales and exhales’ through yoga transitions. According to Harvard Health, “Deep breathing can help reduce stress and potentially your risk of some diseases.” Here is an example of an easy breathing exercise from my YogaSkip YouTube Channel.
  • Body Awareness How aware are we of our body? Are you in touch with your lower back? Your hips? Your face muscles? It may sound like a strange question to ask, but the better we know our body, the better we can manage our health. Practicing easy yoga is the perfect opportunity to learn what’s going on inside of our bodies. Creating that mind-body connection will inspire us to keep returning to our yoga mats. Here is a great article on the benefits of deepening the body connection on Healthline.
  • Coming Home to SELF– How do we nurture your soul? Coming home to ourselves on our yoga mat may be the single most important moment in the week. Finding time to connect with our bodies that in turn brings us closer to our soul. B.K.S. Iyengar shared his wisdom in this quote regarding practicing yoga: “Yoga is like music: the rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind, and the harmony of the soul create the symphony of life.” Creating a more soulful life helps us understand our immediate world. Practicing easy yoga is just one example of how we can learn to know ourselves better, which brings us more peace of mind.

I hope you try easy yoga! I have many yoga videos on my YouTube channel YogaSkip and here on the website. When we prioritize our health, everything begins to fall into place. Our lives benefit immensely from just easy movement. I would recommend at least three times a week if you can, at least 10 to 20 minutes a day. If you can participate in an hour yoga class locally where you live. You won’t regret it. There are many free yoga classes online and many wonderful yoga studios around the world.

Yoga for Beginners, 15 Minute Slow Flow Yoga Video

I wish you well. Most of all, I hope you begin practicing yoga today.

Thank you for stopping by my YogaSkip website,

Machel Shull

E-RYT 500 hour Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher and Author of five self-help books.

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