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Do Yoga
Skip the Rest.

A Mission to Create high quality videos that inspire anyone to breathe more, stretch and develop a weekly habit of practicing yoga.

Please subscribe to our channel to receive weekly updates and let us know what you would enjoy practicing here with me on the mat. This channel has been launched with the inspiration of improving health, breathing better and deeper, and sharing our love of yoga.

YogaSkip is an exciting new adventure to explore yoga with anyone worldwide and also discover a few new things about yoga by creating these videos weekly.

The YogaSkip Story

Machel is a
500 hour RYT Yoga teacher in San Diego County, California and a Bestselling Author.
YogaSkip launched during the year of 2020 as a way to share my love for yoga.
Thank you for subscribing to YogaSkip and joining me on this journey together in spirit.

Machel (Ma-shel) Shulll