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YogaSkip will return in 2022

I broke my toe in June 2021. No pity party is necessary. However, that is one of the main reasons we decided to take a break from YogaSkip after June, 2021. Imagine teaching 12 yoga classes with your second toe broken and the pain is so intense, you wonder how you can manage. This was my story this last summer. Just when I had found my yoga teaching groove in person and the mask mandates had lifted in San Diego, my second toe just didn’t hold up that one morning my Ugg slip-on shoes went flying off my feet, when my big red Doberman saw a rabbit on the other side of the street.

I tried to deny the pain by ignoring it. I tried many different ways to bring down the swelling. I wore yoga socks. I wore taped little Zen Toe band aids from Amazon, yet, nothing could permeate its pain except one more day of healing.

No I didn’t go to the doctor. Why? Well, I didn’t want to have to wear one of those boots or miss teaching yoga, which I didn’t.

You know what Katherine Hepburn said, right?

“Never complain, Never explain.”

I guess I am doing the latter, but I feel as if after this website was built and we had such a good stride going with our weekly videos, a message should be updated here.

You know life has a way of knocking us to our feet to make us slow down. This is definitely what happened for me as my toe continued to heal, while I continued to teach classes locally in San Diego. However, on my one day of when we used to shoot the yoga videos, I couldn’t bring myself to my yoga mat when my toe kept crying for a break from those vinyasa flows.

So, here I am now typing this out to you. I have six days and counting until I jump onto an airplane and spend Christmas alone with my parents in the snow. Well, I am hoping for snow.

My toe is healed.

Time moved on and the YogaSkip videos stood still.

That’s what happens when a bone breaks. Sometimes you need to stay still to let the body heal. Although as you read above, I kept teaching yoga. I did sit still for one day each week and caught up on reading my favorite books.

So to you new wonderful subscribers and all of you from Instagram that have given me such lovely compliments regarding this YouTube channel, I am so grateful to you and for being part of this fun journey that started when the world was on lockdown.

2022 begins many new beginnings in my life, which will include rebooting YOGASKIP. Instead of making videos outside around California and in parks, I will be making videos inside from a new home that we are moving into this holiday season.

I hope you stay with us for that relaunch, which we are predicting end of January. I have been busy publishing books this year over at MangoJane.Co, a small press book press devoted to publishing inspiring books for the soul and the mind. I launched a brand-new author for the first time, plus hosted a Writer’s Yoga Retreat at Carlsbad Village Yoga. I taught 10-13 classes weekly in Yoga around San Diego County. And, through it all, in the back of my mind, I missed YogaSkip videos and the fun I had creating the videos. The most exciting development- I became a E-RYT 200 hour/500-hour Yoga teacher, which literally means I have over a 1000 yoga hours of teaching in person under my belt, well more like 1200 now, but what I am sharing is the good news that many little goals of actions continued to take place, while YogaSkip stood still here.

I wish you love yogis out there that stayed with us through weekly yoga videos. I am so excited to return here to you in the New Year.

I hope you stay with us for 2022 YogaSkip yoga videos. My goal here is to create content that will inspire anyone to try yoga and keep practicing yoga.

I wish you well my friends. Thank you for your support.

See you in 2022.

Machel Shull (Ma-shel)

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  1. Happy healing! I was wondering what happened. The ebb and flow of life, wow!! Anyway I know everything is perfectly designed and will work out in your best interest…soooo-Looking forward to your fresh new videos 🙂 and I hope you enjoy your new place Machel!!

    Yo cuz- in Florida🤪

    ‘Chief” Harold Peck Jr🌴

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