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10 Minute Hip Opening Yoga Flow Machel Shull

10 Minute Yoga Flow with Hip Opener for Strength and Mobility Video

10 Minute Energizing Deep Stretch Yoga Video

YogaSkip presents an energizing new 10 Minute Deep Stretch Yoga Video for the Month of Love. This yoga sequence strengthens leg muscles, opens hips and also helps open our shoulders and neck. We do Lizard Yoga Pose – Utthan Pristhasana – literally means ‘Stretched out, page of a book Pose.” No wonder I love this pose so much. We begin seated on the mat and do some centering breathwork. Make sure breathing is in and out through the nose for our victorious breath, which helps warm up our inner body as we flow through this sequence together. Next we move to downward dog, then begin opening our hips with a low lunge; repeat each side with cactus arm/opening the neck. Next we do some hip opening with three legged dog, bending the knee, stacking the hips to knee to nose action. Then we do five breaths in downward dog, with option for a child’s pose. Next we flow to lizard pose each side. We wrap it up with nice forward fold option for ragdoll (holding onto the elbows bending forward, nice bend at the knees so our abdomen can rest on the upper thighs. This helps elongate the spine. Crown of the head is down and the neck is soft/back muscles fully relaxed. Then we roll the spine up to Mountain pose (standing position) – Tadasana, incorporating some final shoulder rolls, then end with a few centered breaths together, standing. I hope this 10 minute yoga hip sequence helps you find your way to the mat today. Namaste, Machel (Ma-shel)

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