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YogaSkip is an exciting new adventure to explore yoga with anyone worldwide and also discover a few new things about yoga.

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They Journey of Yoga

What’s great about yoga? It’s like a journey on a mat and you can take it wherever you go. Keep one in your car and do yoga in the park. Keep one at home and create a sacred space of practice. You can do yoga without a mat too.
We are excited you stopped by. If you are new to yoga, start with the Yoga for Beginners videos to ease your way in to practicing yoga daily. Join us for weekly videos on yoga that will encourage deep breathing, stretching and finding more reverence on our mat each day by taking the inward journey.
Why is this important? Why am I stressing the importance of these things? Because in a world where convenience is key, taking your work-out to your yoga mat at home is a wonderful place to begin stretching and breathing deep each week.

Yoga has so many benefits, including:

Improving Flexibility, Boosting Wellbeing, Improving Mobility, Increasing Strength, Reduce Stress, Improve Strength, Increase Mind/Body connection and bring awareness to body, Boost Metabolism, Improve your Mood and the list goes on.
Yoga is also a simple way to take care of our health, improve our wellbeing and inner happiness, which in turn, vibrates outward to those we love and come in contact with daily.

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Yoga: My journey to becoming a Yogi

Yoga: My journey to becoming a Yogi

September 29, 2022
Becoming a yogi seemed like the farthest stretch when looking at me from the surface. I am not your typical yogi. I am a bright blonde, pale woman that has never been to India. I have yet to go to Mysore. Trust me, it’s on my bucket list. So how did a girl from
Yoga: Inhale, Exhale Life

Yoga: Inhale, Exhale Life

September 26, 2022
National Yoga Month is about to end. I have enjoyed writing about yoga all month. This yoga blog is dedicated to a famous quote we often read on the Internet: Inhale, exhale life. -Author Unknown. This is a simple truth that draws us inward and away from the world. Each of us needs a break

What I love about yoga is it helps build inner purpose for SELF, while helping the practitioner discover new aspects of their personality (inner soul life) that may have been lying dormant somewhere within us. What kind of life are you living? Are you creating time for inner peace, inner self-love? New dreams or inspirations?
Think of yoga like a car that you can climb into and take to reach your destination. As we know that old cliché, “it’s about the journey not the destination,” is the perfect quote that incapsulates the practice of yoga.
If you have had a bad experience with yoga or don’t think it’s for you, try some of the gentle yoga videos to at least develop a better habit of stretching and breathing to weave into your daily living.
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We launched this yoga channel to help those that might not be interested in yoga to try some of the easier videos, get the body moving and take care of ourselves every day. Please reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns. I am excited you are here with us at YogaSkip.

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